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Range Rules

Shakopee Trap Club Range Rules

  1. ALWAYS treat firearms like they are loaded.

  2. Always keep the muzzle pointed downrange. Athletes must remain facing downrange at all times.

  3. All firearms MUST be on “SAFE” until you’re ready to call the bird. MEANING, your firearm must be shouldered before you can turn your safety off. Call for the bird, shoot, and immediately turn your safe back on before lowering your firearm. You MUST have your chamber open until your next turn. 

  4. A shooter may only insert a shell when the shooter in front of them is up. You may close the action (chamber round) ONLY after the previous shooter has completed their turn.

  5. Always keep your finger off the trigger and outside the trigger guard until you are ready to shoot.

  6. All firearms not on the firing line must be unloaded in a case or on the rack.

  7. Eye protection and ear protection are mandatory at all times on the range.

  8. ONLY coaches may go forward of the firing line.

  9. Only you can handle your own firearm…no one else’s.

  10. Shooters must know and understand all of the operating and safety features of the firearm they are using prior to shooting on the range.  You may not borrow a friend’s firearm to shoot a round.

  11. If your firearm malfunctions or doesn’t fire, keep the muzzle pointed downrange and call for a coach immediately.  DO NOT TURN AROUND. 

  12. If you drop a shell while loading, continue to keep your muzzle facing downrange and call for a coach to assist in picking up the shell and inspecting and/or giving you a new shell.

  13. No firearm handling will be allowed outside the shooting stations. NO EXCEPTIONS.

  14. When the command “Cease Fire” or “Stop” is given, stop shooting IMMEDIATELY and wait for further instructions from a coach.

  15. Any commands issued by the RSO and coaches must be obeyed immediately and without question.

  16. We, (student/trap family) understand that if a student misses a shooting night for ANY reason, we do not receive the ammo for the rounds missed or get reimbursed.